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Company Profile
Mission Statement
Company Profile:

Since 1995, ODI have been providing turnkey and on-site IT solutions in application development, networking, network security, System Administration, as well as Application Sourcing for our clients, making ODI a partner you can count on for all your IT needs.

Our initial mission was to provide advanced IT Consulting talents for our clients, which would eliminate their need to tie up valuable funds to upgrade their own resources.

In the ensuing years our solutions have diversified and our horizons broadened. We now provide full support and a variety of services to our clients.

Today we help our clients develop their own application in house. We also provide full network support and comprehensive internet and intranet security solutions with the help of our partners.

We are a Checkpoint partner; we are Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers and System Engineers. We are network security experts, we are Sun Certified Administrators. We can write JAVA code and XML, Object Oriented and GUI development. We write technical documentation, User manuals and provide System Analysis as well as Desktop Support.

Our Employees, Consultants and Management are dedicated to making ODI a global name in IT Consulting and Solutions.