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ProdigyTRS is a Smart & Innovative Childcare and Member management suite of products.

A complete and secure web-based solution with integrated modules to enable effective data processing and information flow across organizations. Our data analytics platform, Prodigy Integrated BI (Business Intelligence), provides Real-time access to data, enables site monitoring and better decision making. A built-in machine learning tool accelerates the pace of accurate and improved decision-making process.

Using a biometric and real-time member tracking tool, Prodigy Member Management module provides a comprehensive management of all member programs and activities across all sites and locations in real-time.

The Admin panel empowers easy and intuitive staff access to the system resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity.

The Prodigy HMM module includes automated tools to manage daily activities of meal, snack, health and allergies for members across the organization.

The entire Prodigy suite is developed with modern tools and technologies with various platforms used to construct the entire ecosystem. By nature, the software operations are highly real-time and sensitive operational data are securely stored in transparently encrypted Microsoft Azure SQL Cloud databases. They are highly scalable and 99.99% high ability ensured by SLA.

Features Include:

  • Parent Portal
  • Member Management
  • Online Registration
  • Account Management
  • Billing & Reporting
  • Meal Tracking

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